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Ted Kaczynski was not an anarchist

Date Tue, 20 Jun 2023 Ted Kaczynski, better known by the nickname « Unambomber » died on June 10, 2023. His obituary will be an opportunity for all the Power media to present him to us as an « anarchist » (with different declinations: anarchist-terrorist, anarcho-primitivist, eco-anarchist etc…). But some in the alternative or libertarian milieu will certainly also […]

Anarchist Federation in Sudan : 1st of May, 2024 Statement

الاتحاد الأناركي في السودان: في الأول من مايو On the first of May More than a year after the war, which left thousands of civilian casualties, displaced millions of children from their homes, and caused the largest education crisis in Sudan. We call on all comrades in Sudan and outside it to continue their liberation […]

Barbarism in Sudan: a desperate appeal for help from Sudan’s anarchists!

News, Apr 22nd تدعوكم مجموعة اناركيين السودان للتضامن معها لكي تستطيع مواصلة نشاطها التحرر Translated from Actualité de l’Anarchosyndicalisme.Content warning: contains accounts of war crimes, including rape. In the previous issue of Anarchosyndicalisme, the CNT-AIT echoed the call for solidarity from anarchists in Sudan. Since a terrible war broke out on 15 April 2023 between […]

The CNT: Anarchosyndicalism or revolutionary unionism ? [R. THIEBLEMONT, 1955]

Leafing through the archives, we found this text published in the CNT-AIT newspaper, Le Combat syndicaliste, n°134 of July 1955, but which still seems very relevant to us! This article, published in 1955 in the newspaper of the time of the CNT-AIT (Le Combat Syndicaliste), was written by René THIEBLEMONT. A metallurgist, he notably worked […]

The Ukrainian roots of the 1936 Spanish revolution

This article from the CNT-AIT of France looks at the connections between the Makhnovshchina and more broadly the Russian anarchist movement and the anarchist revolution in Spain. Translation : Albatross ( On July 19, 1936, the Spanish Revolution broke out, a popular counter-insurgency against the military and fascist coup led by Franco. In Barcelona, in […]

Sudan: fighting reaches Wad Madani, town of shelter for thousands of displaced people. Call from Sudanese anarchists for urgent solidarity.

The clashes in Sudan which for eight months now have pitted the Sudanese army of General al-Burhan against the RSF (Rapid Support Forces) of General Mohamed Hamdan are increasing in intensity, amid the general indifference of international public opinion. . Yet real barbarism is also at work in the Horn of Africa. The two factions’ […]


Sudan is experiencing a terrible civil war, which began on April 13, 2023, when several military factions fought over power. You don’t hear about it on TV, nor on social networks, this conflict clearly doesn’t interest many people… Last April, we launched an appeal for international solidarity with the Sudanese anarchist compañeros, who are trying […]

International week against unpaid wages: an example of daily direct action

Every year in October, the sections of the IWA (International Workers Association organize an International  week-of struggle against unpaid wages. In fact, unpaid wages are a year-round problem, and it’s all year long that we fight alongside workers for their most basic right: that the boss should simply give them what they’re owed. But this […]

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