CNT-AIT texts in english

Peace to the cottages, War on the Palaces!

The invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army is only the consequence of a geopolitical and economic system fundamentally inhuman. By systematically pushing populations against each-others through nationalism, by making the quest for power and the search for the best profit the ultimate goal of everyone’s life, this system – constitued of the Capitalism and […]

The anarchists of Afghanistan have been provided with shelter thanks to the international network of the AIT-IWA

1st of February, 2022 Thanks to the generous solidarity of more than 226 donators from more than 15 countries on the 5 continents, the anarchists of  Afghanstan have been sucessfuly sheltered. On August 15, 2021, to the general surprise of the whole world, the Taliban entered Kabul and the corrupt regime supported by the American […]

Against War [Principles of anarchosyndicalism, 1922, International Workers Association]

Against War and Militarism: Resolution of the IWA Founding Congress (1922) Militarism is the system of monopolistic State violence for the purpose of defence and expansion of the national theatre of exploitation (defensive war or war of aggression), for bringing fresh theatres of exploitation under control (colonial war) and for coming down hard on the […]


This analysis of the current insurrectional movement in Sudan by Sudanese anarchists, echoes another analysis that we wrote 20 years ago, following the uprising in Argentina. The multiplication of movements in the world which « shatter the old ideological molds by putting into practice two new assets (which will henceforth be those of the international class […]


التضامن مع الانتفاضة في السودان! SOLIDARITE AVEC LES INSURGES DU SOUDAN ! SOLIDARIDAD CON LOS INSURGENTES EN SUDAN ! In December 2018,  under the banner of « peace, freedom, justice », a generalized popular uprising  exploded in Sudan  against the dictator Omar Al-Bashir who had been reigning his Islamist terror for 30 years long. After 4 months […]

Spain 1936, Ethiopia 2021: the fight against fascism continues …

leaflet distributed at the Vernet Concentration Camp on the occasion of Heritage Days. Because memory is useless if it does not highlight today’s struggles … Eighty years ago, at the concentration camp Vernet d’Ariège (France), Tecle HAGOS died. The plaque on his grave reads « August 19, 1941, Ethiopian ». Not much is known about his life, […]

Bangladesh: the bitter taste of the Wage Board for Tea workers

To the memory of our Compañero Sujit of BASF-AIT, who passed away at the age of 38 after contracting Covid-19. Sujit had worked his entire life on the tea plantation from boyhood and leaves behind his partner, two sons and a daughter. Bangladesh BASF-AIT recently distributed its solidarity support to 150 families, those who are […]

Anarchosyndicalism and Anarchism [Pierre Besnard]

The following excerpts, translated by Paul Sharkey and appearing in English for the first time, are taken from Pierre Besnard’s address to the June 1937 Paris Congress of the anarcho-syndicalist International Workers’ Association (IWA), L’Anarcho-Syndicalisme et l’Anarchisme, Rapport de Pierre Besnard, Secretaire de l’A.I.T. au Congrès Anarchiste International de 1937 (dated 30 May 1937), for […]

Anarcho-Communist Ahdut – Al Whideh Position Paper About the Palestinian Struggle

The following text was written in 2014 by the anarchist-communist organization « Ahdut – Al Whideh ». We translated it into French in 2021 because, alas, it remains relevant, even if the situation in this part of the world that is Palestine, is only getting worse, conflict after conflict, expulsion after expulsion, colonization after colonization. … Always […]

Against the global civil war, we need a social revolution in the world!

Since May 12, 2021 the civilian population in Gaza has undergoing an atrocious military aggression. We have seen also in Israel unbearable lynching scenes. It is neither the first time in History nor to the only place in the world, that civilians, women and children, are slaughtered by a Power guilty of crime against humanity. […]

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