CNT-AIT texts in english

Anarchosyndicalism and Anarchism [Pierre Besnard]

The following excerpts, translated by Paul Sharkey and appearing in English for the first time, are taken from Pierre Besnard’s address to the June 1937 Paris Congress of the anarcho-syndicalist International Workers’ Association (IWA), L’Anarcho-Syndicalisme et l’Anarchisme, Rapport de Pierre Besnard, Secretaire de l’A.I.T. au Congrès Anarchiste International de 1937 (dated 30 May 1937), for […]

Anarcho-Communist Ahdut – Al Whideh Position Paper About the Palestinian Struggle

The following text was written in 2014 by the anarchist-communist organization « Ahdut – Al Whideh ». We translated it into French in 2021 because, alas, it remains relevant, even if the situation in this part of the world that is Palestine, is only getting worse, conflict after conflict, expulsion after expulsion, colonization after colonization. … Always […]

Against the global civil war, we need a social revolution in the world!

Since May 12, 2021 the civilian population in Gaza has undergoing an atrocious military aggression. We have seen also in Israel unbearable lynching scenes. It is neither the first time in History nor to the only place in the world, that civilians, women and children, are slaughtered by a Power guilty of crime against humanity. […]

Beyond the Balaclavas of South East Mexico

Charles Reeve, Sylvie Deneuve, Marc Geoffroy Originanly published in 1996 in France, this text is an anarchist critique the EZLN and commercial indigenism. « EZLN is double-dealing the young lumpen-proletarians who make up its base. It provides them with a collective identity at a time of intense social destructuring, but channels their revolt into a military […]

How are we to establish a truly free and egalitarian society?

by Ba Jin These days these words “freedom and equality” are part of the vocabulary of each and every one of us. But make a few inquiries and ask: What is freedom? and you will be told “Freedom means freedom of opinion, freedom of the press, freedom of association and assembly, the freedom of secrecy […]

Grande-Bretagne: La montée alarmante du Virgin Care de Branson et la menace pour le système de santé publique (NHS)

11/01/2018, SolFed-AIT, Le « bon vieux » Sir Richard Branson a une fois de plus réussi à se placer en tête de la file d’attente pour recevoir des dons de l’État. Après avoir passé des années à transformer l’argent public en profits massifs chez Virgin Rail (la SNVF anglaise qu’il a acheté lors de sa privatisation), […]


This article is the chapter 3 of the book « Zen at War by Brian (Daizen) A. Victoria« . (New York & Tokyo: Weatherhill, 1997. pp. 66–73.) This author is not an anarchist, but a contemporary follower of Zen Buddhism, who tries to understand why and how Zen Buddhism was able to constitute one of the pillars […]

HISTORY: HOW DID SPANISH ANARCHOSYNDICALISTS MANAGED THE PUBLIC HEALT DURING THE 36 ‘s REVOLUTION? (An example of libertarian communism applied in accute health crisis time)

Health questions have played a very big role in the structuring of anarchist thought in Spain, since its appearance at the end of the 19th century. Health professionals, doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, pharmacists … have played a very active role in framing the anarchist movement,  from an ideological, theoretical, practical and organizational point of view. […]

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