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From revolutionary syndicalism to anarchosyndicalism: The birth of the International Workers Association (AIT-IWA)

Pamphlet, 64 pages. You can download the PDF here: To receive the paper version send an email to with your address or write to CNT-AIT, 7 rue St Remesy, 31000 TOULOUSE, FRANCE Table of Contents From revolutionary syndicalism to anarchosyndicalism: The birth of the International Workers Association (IWA) in Berlin, 1922 AIT-IWA’s founding […]

From revolutionary syndicalism to anarchosyndicalism: The birth of the International Workers Association (IWA) in Berlin, 1922 [Arthur Lehning]

[1] Lecture delivered at the Congress on Anarchosyndicalism organized by the Instituto di Storia Contemporánea del Movimento Opéralo e Contadino, Ferrara, 1977 Before the First World War, revolutionary syndicalism was largely assimilated to that of the French CGT, it considered in some way a model for several organizations in other countries, all of which approved […]

AIT-IWA’s founding congress twice interrupted by German police

Source : When the anarchosyndicalist international, AIT-IWA held its foundation congress at the turn of the years 1922-1923, it was against a background of great upheavals. World War I had ended a few years earlier, a war which was immediately followed by widespread revolutionary movements in a number of countries, setting lasting trends in […]

Kropotkin and the rebuilding of the International Workers Association (AIT)

Source : In December 2022, international anarchosyndicalism celebrates two anniversaries : the 100th anniversary of the rebuilding of the International Workers Association (AIT-IWA), and 180 years since the birth of the most prominent theorist of anarcho-communism, Peter Kropotkin. This coincidence of dates can be considered symbolic. Kropotkin was never a member of any revolutionary-syndicalist […]

MPT Acharya : from Indian nationalism
to anarchosyndicalism

M.P.T. Acharya was born on 15th April 1887 in Chennai into a Bhramin family. From early years he was involved in the nationalist struggle. He edited a nationalist magazine for his uncle. When the periodical was suppressed by the colonial authorities Acharya had to escape to French controlled Pondicherry. Sensing he was not safe there […]

Can we compare the involvement of some Ukrainian anarchists in the Ukrainian Army with that of some Spanish anarchists in the French Resistance? (A reply to « Did the anarchists who liberated Paris support the oligarchs? »)

Regarding the participation of spanish anarchists in the French resistance against Nazis … As a justification to the involvement of some « anarchists » in the Ukrainian Army, we read some time on anarchist social networksthe argument that “afterall the Spanish anarchists joined the Allied army and they have liberated Paris”. Which as been summarized by someone […]

The solidarity of workers across borders despite the war is also a struggle … Down with nationalism that poisons the minds of workers!

War does not abolish the relations of domination within a society, it does not eliminate the differences between the rich and the poor. It even tends to accentuate them by allowing the emerging of new riches, the war profiteers. In times of war, as in times of peace, the goal of Capitalists, of those who […]

Freedom for Kirill Ukraintsev, unionist victim of the arbitrariness of the Russian regime!

For more than 20 years at the head of the Russian Federation, Putin is waging a real war against the people of Russia, whose economic and social situation continues to worsen. To try to hide the situation, in addition to the development of hoax and propaganda campaigns, the regime silences by all means all those […]

Déclaration de solidarité et de soutien aux luttes populaires en Iran et au Kurdistan [français, farsi, anglais, suédois]

بیانیه ی همبستگی و پشتیبانی از مبارزات مردم در ایران و کوردستان . Aujourd’hui, 1er octobre 2022, une manifestation de solidarité et de soutien à la lutte des peuples iranien et kurde s’est tenue dans la partie centrale de Stockholm où le représentant du Conseil de solidarité iranien pour le Rojava à Stockholm et de […]

Anarchosyndicalism and Climate change (A contribution to the debate)

A summary of the state of art of CNT-AIT France collective reflexion about the topic. A call for a working group has been launched in the AIT (International Workers’ Association) on the issue of the anarchosyndicalist approach to the problem of climate change. I offer you here the state of my personal reflection, but which […]

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