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The Ukrainian roots of the 1936 Spanish revolution

This article from the CNT-AIT of France looks at the connections between the Makhnovshchina and more broadly the Russian anarchist movement and the anarchist revolution in Spain. Translation : Albatross ( On July 19, 1936, the Spanish Revolution broke out, a popular counter-insurgency against the military and fascist coup led by Franco. In Barcelona, in […]

Sudan: fighting reaches Wad Madani, town of shelter for thousands of displaced people. Call from Sudanese anarchists for urgent solidarity.

The clashes in Sudan which for eight months now have pitted the Sudanese army of General al-Burhan against the RSF (Rapid Support Forces) of General Mohamed Hamdan are increasing in intensity, amid the general indifference of international public opinion. . Yet real barbarism is also at work in the Horn of Africa. The two factions’ […]


Sudan is experiencing a terrible civil war, which began on April 13, 2023, when several military factions fought over power. You don’t hear about it on TV, nor on social networks, this conflict clearly doesn’t interest many people… Last April, we launched an appeal for international solidarity with the Sudanese anarchist compañeros, who are trying […]

International week against unpaid wages: an example of daily direct action

Every year in October, the sections of the IWA (International Workers Association organize an International  week-of struggle against unpaid wages. In fact, unpaid wages are a year-round problem, and it’s all year long that we fight alongside workers for their most basic right: that the boss should simply give them what they’re owed. But this […]

The Strandzha Commune, the first experience of Libertarian Communism in History

On September 8, 1903, the Ottoman colonial army crushed the Strandzha Commune, the first insurrectionary attempt to establish libertarian Communism in History. This article is part of our series of articles aiming to shed light on the Ilinden uprisings of the summer of 1903. Far from simple nostalgia for a bygone past, to remember this […]

We are anarchosyndicalist and proud of it !

Original in French : Anarchosyndicaliste et fier de l’être The current development of the movement in France against the new pension law, once again unfortunately confirms the « loser logic » that permeates all the social movement in France. Both the trade union leaderships – supposed to represent the workers – and the parliamentarians (Deputies and […]

Movement against pension reforms in France : an example of mobilization in a rural school district

Original in French : Un exemple de mobilisation dans une cité scolaire rurale In 2020 the President Macron / Prime Minister Philippe government tried to privatize our pay-asyou- go pension system. At that time, in a school district in the Gers (rural province in the south west of France), several teachers, tired of the […]

Reform or Revolution? (About the movement against the pension reform in France)

Original in French : Réforme ou Révolution ? It’s been a long time since a government project has provoked such social mobilization in France. Three, four million demonstrators. It is enormous. The French are very angry. More than eighty percent of the workers are, according to the official polling institutes, opposed to the reform of […]

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