Anarchist Federation in Sudan : 1st of May, 2024 Statement

الاتحاد الأناركي في السودان: في الأول من مايو

On the first of May

More than a year after the war, which left thousands of civilian casualties, displaced millions of children from their homes, and caused the largest education crisis in Sudan.

We call on all comrades in Sudan and outside it to continue their liberation and volunteer activities in shelter centers, refugee camps, and camps for displaced people, and hospitals, and not taking sides in the war.

We condemn the crimes committed by the Rapid Support Forces in Khartoum, Al-Jazira, and Darfur, including rape, murder, and recruitment of children.

We also condemn the army’s exploitation of the country’s catastrophic situation in an attempt to gain legitimacy for its dictatorial rule, which has reaped nothing but ruin.

We call on all revolutionaries to educate people against tribal fighting and stirring up strife and racism !

Long live the revolution

The soldiers go to the barracks and the Janjaweed disband !

Anarchist Federation in Sudan



You can do a lot, individually or with a few people. The important thing is to talk about Sudan so that as many people as possible are informed about what is happening there!

1) Keep up to date with the situation in Sudan via the SudfaMedia [French].

2) Send messages of solidarity to, and we’ll pass them on to our fellow anarchists in Sudan.

3) Talk on social media to your family, your friends, and your work colleagues about Sudan, its revolution and the abomination of the army, the rapid forces and the Islamists.

4) Organise leaflet distributions, press tables, solidarity collections and events in solidarity with the Sudanese people and against the massacres.

5) Collect donation to support our fellow Anarchists in Sudan.

You can send donations through CNT-AIT using the paypal plateform :

Original text in Arabic : الاتحاد الأناركي في السودان: في الأول من مايو

French translation : Fédération Anarchiste du Soudan : Déclaration du 1er mai ( )

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