Stop the Barbarism ! (the conflict in Gaza)

October the 8th, 2023

Once again the flames of war have sparked into life in the Palestine/Israel region. This time Hamas took the inciative to start the atrocities. They did not act alone in this attack, militants from the PFLP also took part in the armed assaults. The pictures are unbearable: civilians murdered in the streets, and in their homes, the taken of hostages etc.

Although the Israeli government conducts a system of political Apartheid, which has even been acknowledged by Tamir Prado, the ex-director of Israel’s Intelligence service. But that does not justify the conscious murder civilians. That is as condemnable as the murder of Palestinian civilans by the Israeli army! Without a doubt the response of the Israeli government will be just as terrible as it is blind. Already buildings in Gaza are being bombed and electricity has been cut throughout the whole territory. 

We can only express our deepest fears and concern for the civilian inhabitants, Palestinian and Israeli both hostages to their respective governments in this conflict, and we must remember that during these past months the civilian populations had been demonstrating against their own governments and this lethal politics; over the past weeks, especially since the 30th of July thousands of people in Gaza have been protesting against the rule of Hamas under the slogan « We Want to Live! » At the same time in Israel, tens of thousands had repeatedly took to the streets to oppose the right wing policy of the government which was no longer capable of controlling the protests and was heading toward collapse. 

The attacks by Hamas therefore have occurred while on both sides of the wall of shame thousands of people had begun to organise themeselves against their rulers. 

The violence unleashed by these attacks will unite the people with their corrupt rulers and strengthen the nationalist fervour, fueled by desires for mutual revenge.

In Gaza, Hamas is calling for the whole population to rally behind its flag in an united front. Already Netanyahu has formed a government of national unity. The thousands of reservist soldiers who have been striking for weeks have announced the break up of their movement!

This attack also has an international dimension. It happened after the leader of Hamas met with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei the leader of Iran and while Saudi Arabia – an enemy of Iran- has begun building official relations with Israel. Hezbollah the terrorist puppet of Iran in Lebanon has already declared that « the attack by Hamas against Israel sends a message to anyone who tries to normalise relations with Isreal or hopes that the Palestinian struggle is dead ».     

In the aftermath it is the inhabitants of Israel and Gaza who will pay the price for this bloody game played between states in order to cement their own power.

Once again, those who decide to have a war are not those who die in it. 

Once again, the civilian will suffer, from Sderot to Gaza. All ideologies of power, especially nationalism and religious fervour are the pillars of logic that encourages people to kill each other for the benefit of the rulers of the world.

CNT-AIT France

Translated from Esperanto by the compañero Reddebrek


During the pandemic two nurses in Ramdam hospital display an essential message.
« We refuse to be enemies. For a just and lasting peace! »

Original in French : HALTE A LA BARBARIE !

Translation in Russian : Остановить варварство!

Translation in Esperanto : HALTIGU LA BARBARECON !

中文翻译 : 停止野蛮行径!

Translation in German : Gaza/Israel: Stoppt die Barbarei !