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The CNT: Anarchosyndicalism or revolutionary unionism ? [R. THIEBLEMONT, 1955]

Leafing through the archives, we found this text published in the CNT-AIT newspaper, Le Combat syndicaliste, n°134 of July 1955, but which still seems very relevant to us! This article, published in 1955 in the newspaper of the time of the CNT-AIT (Le Combat Syndicaliste), was written by René THIEBLEMONT. A metallurgist, he notably worked […]


Monday 13 June 2005 Often, in order to attain some visibility, a libertarian organization or its members must struggle to be represented accurately when confiding in journalists. Certainly, anarcho-syndicalists are not hiding underground. We are not trying to infiltrate other groups by misrepresenting our ideas, but how do we represent ourselves and get some accurate […]


Saturday 1 December 2001 CASE STUDY – FRANCE In France, all workplaces with more than 50 employees elect représentatives to Works Councils. Those workplaces with less than 50 workers elect staff representatives, who meet with management once a month, to undertake the same role as Works Councils. The French unions are small by northern European […]