Ted Kaczynski was not an anarchist

Date Tue, 20 Jun 2023

Ted Kaczynski, better known by the nickname « Unambomber » died on June 10, 2023. His obituary will be an opportunity for all the Power media to present him to us as an « anarchist » (with different declinations: anarchist-terrorist, anarcho-primitivist, eco-anarchist etc…). But some in the alternative or libertarian milieu will certainly also claim it and mourn the disappearance of one of their own.

Ted Kaczynski was not an anarchist. He even hated them, as he hated all leftists and progressives in general.

To realize this, you just have to take the trouble to read his texts, whether it’s the « Ship of Fools » or his major opus « industrial society and its future« , something that most of those who venerate Kaczynski certainly never did.

In this text, Kaczynski calls for uniting with the neo-Nazis to fight the technological society!

Kaczynski develops in his writings a deeply reactionary and elitist thought, calling for entrusting « natural selection » with the elimination of the weak who do not deserve to survive.

He does not plead for an organization of society in self-management where everyone can freely participate in complete autonomy, but for a government of the elite.

And to achieve his ends, he calls for the abandonment of all ethics and to support the development of authoritarian regimes and capitalist globalization (just like Marx for whom the development of capitalism was necessary to give birth to the proletarian revolution), way to put humanity under pressure and thus provoke its revolt. In short, a supporter of the politics of the worst devoid of any ethics.

Kaczynski was not an anarchist.

And those who claim Kaczynski was an anarchist aren’t either…

CNT-AIT France

To follow several texts to be convinced:

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THE SHIP OF FOOLS Théodore J. Kaczynski, October 1999
« The eco-anarchist movement destroys potential revolutionaries » Theodore Kaczynski, 2000~



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