Why there are several « CNTs » in France?

Date Fri, 16 Dec 2022

There are several organizations in France that call themselves « CNT »: the CNT-AIT (the French section of the International Workers Association, AIT-IWA), the CNT Vignoles (because its Parisian office is located at 33 rue des Vignoles ; this group is been a member of the CIT since January 2024 ) and the CNT-SO (SO for « solidarité ouvrière », worker solidarity) .

Vignoles and SO are the result of a split in the CNT-AIT that they provoked in 1993.

This split essentially concerned two questions:

– a question of strategy: Can revolutionaries participate or not in the management system they intend to destroy – by participating in professional elections and representative bodies?

– and a political question, from which ultimately arises the first question: what is the political identity of the CNT? Is the CNT an anarchist organization, that is to say whose purpose is anarchy?

For the CNT-AIT, the answers are simple and clear:

– Yes, the CNT-AIT is an anarchist organization, that is to say whose purpose is anarchy (whether you call it libertarian communism, anarchism, anarchosyndicalism).

– Consequently the CNT-AIT does not participate in electoral masquerades (whether in professional or political elections, and it makes no alliance with the political parties whatever they are that it rejects all.

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Original text in French: Pourquoi plusieurs « CNT » en France ?


Text translated into Turkish: Neden Fransa’da birkaç « CNT » var?


Text translated into English: Why are there several “CNTs” in France?


Text translated into Portuguese: Por que vários « CNTs » na França?


Text translated into Dutch: Waarom zijn er in Frankrijk verschillende “CNTs”?


Text translated into German: Warum mehrere « CNT » in Frankreich?


Text translated into Spanish: ¿Por qué varios “CNT” en Francia?


Text translated into Italian: Perché diversi “CNT” in France?


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