Sudan is experiencing a terrible civil war, which began on April 13, 2023, when several military factions fought over power. You don’t hear about it on TV, nor on social networks, this conflict clearly doesn’t interest many people…

Last April, we launched an appeal for international solidarity with the Sudanese anarchist compañeros, who are trying to fight in these dramatic conditions, for another future, free of war and ethnic or religious divisions. We have just received a message from those Sudanese compañeros who have an urgent need for one of their member who was shot during a peaceful demonstration and requires emergency surgery. The compañeros need to collect money to be able to cover the costs of medical evacuation to a secure place where surgery can be carried out.

Thanks to our previous call for solidarity, we were able to urgently send them 500 euros. We still need an additional 2000 euros to help the companion receive the care he needs.

If you would like to contribute, you can send your solidarity via the electronic platform: https:// (please validate “Sending money to a loved one” to pay fewer bank charges) ». You may also make a bank transfer (free of charge in Euro Zones), please contact us by mail ( if you want to know our bank account information.

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#The _ military _ to_the_ barracks _ and _ the _ [milicia]_Janjaweed _ dissolved







#السلام والحرية والتضامن

#Peace, freedom and solidarity


Students Anarchist Association of Sudan

We extend a warm greeting to the fellow revolutionary AIT comrades.

Sudan is a country that is plagued by a plethora of issues including dictatorships, tribal conflicts, poverty, and religious extremism. The sudani culture extends back to thousands of years to the Kush, Marwi and Nebta civilizations. Sudan developed immensely during the Kush civilization, which subsequently led to the birth of the modern state system within the area.

In recent history, the Turkish-Egyptian colonization concurred the land, followed by the Mahadist revolution. After that, the Anglo-Egyptian occupation came along and lasted well into the half of the 20th century, with the subsequent liberation of Sudan.

The colonial rule led to the formation of the sectarian parties that formed the state, after which came the national movements that formed the modern state.

Military control in Sudan came through the regime of Field Marshal Ibrahim Abboud and national movements were suppressed at the time. This was followed by the succession of dictatorial military governments in Sudan, where Sudanese did not have the opportunity or opinion in the formation or the opposition of governments.

The October Revolution of 1964 arose against the military regime at the time, where the government followed a flattening policy that exterminated the Sudanese in South Sudan, resulting in its separation later on.

The authority suppressed freedoms and supported military coups in Eritrea, Congo and Zambia. The government also attacked and dismantled student unions and labor unions and prevented their activity.

The 1959 Nile Water Agreement led to the flooding of the Wadi Halfa area and the displacement of its inhabitants in favor of the country’s strategic interests.

The spearhead in the resistance in Sudan were the student movements and trade unions. Political parties participated in the revolution, but they were biased towards power later.

Abdullah al-Durabi led the extremist Muslim Brotherhood and staged a military coup in Sudan. The group dismantled and suppressed the student movement, killing Sudanese students and dismantling labor unions, and preventing revolutionary activity in universities.

The terrorist Brotherhood regime has been pursuing and killing revolutionaries everywhere for 30 years. The brutal 2013 uprising resulted in the killing of 700 people.

The rise of the 2019 revolution led to a new military coup against the Brotherhood regime.

The anarchist student association was formed in 2020, comprising of 17 groups from different Sudanese universities. The association was actively working and presenting solutions to the Sudanese crisis.

The military coup leadership, along with the rapid support forces continued to heavily and forcibly suppress peaceful protestors, culminating in the dispersal of the military leadership sit in, which resulted in the death of 3000 people.

After that, the government continued on to actively suppress any form pf protest with violence.

On April 15th 2023, a conflict arose between the Sudanese armed forces and the rapid support forces militia that led to the external and internal displacement of over 15 million civilians, with thousands losing their lives as well.

Unfortunately, the war is still ongoing but the people are still fighting towards achieving peace and the goals of the revolution.


Solidarity leaflet to download by clicking here


For more information about situation in Sudan :

Solidarité Internationale Anarchiste – SOUDAN – Avril 2023 [in French]




سودان در جنگ داخلی‌ست، جنگی که دو باند بی‌ربط به مردم برای قدرت در آن درگیرند. یک آنارشیست سودانی زخمی شده است. سندیکای کارگری ث.ان.ت. فراخوانی برای جمع‌آوری ۲۰۰۰ یورو صادر کرده است. یک نشانی برای ارسال کمک به صورت چک و مشخصات پی‌پال سندیکا در پیام زیر وجود دارد.

苏丹:紧急声援苏丹无政府主义者 苏丹同志呼吁紧急团结,应对一名被参与内战的武装民兵用枪射伤的同志住院治疗的情况。

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