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HISTORY: HOW DID SPANISH ANARCHOSYNDICALISTS MANAGED THE PUBLIC HEALT DURING THE 36 ‘s REVOLUTION? (An example of libertarian communism applied in accute health crisis time)

Health questions have played a very big role in the structuring of anarchist thought in Spain, since its appearance at the end of the 19th century. Health professionals, doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, pharmacists … have played a very active role in framing the anarchist movement,  from an ideological, theoretical, practical and organizational point of view. […]

[Iran] Demonstration of the medical students of Tabriz

December 22, 2020, Information sent by Iranian Anarchists compañeros A group of students from Tabriz University of Medical Sciences came to the building of the university and protested against the problems of education during the Covid-19 pandemic. According to Anaj Press Agency, students studying on a paid basis also protested against the violation of their […]

[Ukraine] Worthy salary for the nurses!

December 17, 2020, Чорний Стяг (Black Flag), On December 16, 2020, activists from “Black Flag” and from “Popular Action” joined nurses against the social oppression perpetrated by the neoliberal government against public health. In 2020, a real front in the fight against the pandemic opened up to all Ukrainian doctors and health workers, and, […]

[France] In health services as everywhere: work and die

December 2020, CNT-AIT France, We are very unfair with this government! We all believe his catastrophic handling of the COVID crisis is due to his inability to anticipate and prepare. This is completely wrong and the government shows us every day that it is quite capable of planning and organizing itself, when it wants to […]


November 30, 2020, ASI-AIT, Due to the new peak of the corona virus that has hit Serbia as well, the situation is more than alarming. Hospitals are full and available beds for newly infected people, who arrive by thousands every day, are almost non-existent, as well as rested medical staff. Thanks to looting privatizations […]

[Bulgaria] The pandemic as a class war against workers

November 25, 2020, Autonomous Confederation of Workers (ARK) – The government has announced a second lockdown in the country, which will start on Friday the 27th of November. This is happening against the background of a complete collapse of our health system, mainly due to the lack of nurses and paramedics, uncontrolled spread of […]


October 2020, from ZSP-AIT information and mainstream medias In Poland, under pressure from religious and conservatives, women’s rights have just experienced a further decline. Indeed, at the initiative of ultra-Catholic organizations, the Constitutional Court has banned abortion in cases of foetal malformation. It was one of only three cases allowed (along with rape and incest) […]

Claude Bernard, Bachelard and Feyerabend: three scientists against scientism

September – October 2020, CNT-AIT France, Editorial of the magazine Anarchosyndicalisme ! n ° 169, A divided scientific community, government lies legitimized by a scientific council, contradictory health injunctions, systematically false forecasts, a prescription right of doctors flouted by the Surgeon Council of the Order … As in the worst hours of the Chernobyl disaster, […]

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