Against the global civil war, we need a social revolution in the world!

Since May 12, 2021 the civilian population in Gaza has undergoing an atrocious military aggression. We have seen also in Israel unbearable lynching scenes.

It is neither the first time in History nor to the only place in the world, that civilians, women and children, are slaughtered by a Power guilty of crime against humanity. Right now for instance :

  • According to official figures (FAO) 25,000 people, including 10,000 children, are dying of starvation each day!
  • In Colombia, since April 28, the army, the police and paramilitary bands assassinate impunity the people who revolts against social injustice.
  • In Rojava, the revolutionaries of North Syria, abandoned by all the « democratic States », go up alone against the Turkish army and the genocidal Islamists.
  • In Yemen, Xinjiang, Burma, Syria or Venezuela, populations are displaced by millions, tortured or even slaughtered in almost general indifference.

All these acts of barbarism are perpetrated by States and politicians who support a capitalist system that is making its profit from our sufferings.

The vast solidarity movement manifested with the victims of bombing in the Gaza region should not forget that all the ideologies used by power, namely nationalism and religions, are precisely the pillars of this murderer logic, which pushes people to kill each others for the benefit of the leaders of this world.

The current solidarity with the inhabitants of Gaza must register alongside all the popular revolts that shake the planet, from Hong Kong to Sudan or Algeria, from Chile to the yellow vests in France, and which extend in a vast global struggle against a murderous social system. By doing so, our solidarity will only be stronger and more formidable.

To prevent massacres in Gaza as elsewhere is to fight for a world without country or borders. That is why we also salute our Israeli friends who oppose the war and refuse to bring the uniform of IDF, we salute our Colombian companions who lead an admirable struggle against their corrupted state; We salute our friends in Rojava who fight against genocidal barbarism, and more generaly we salute all those who, everywhere, by defending without concession Peace and Freedom, meet fraternally united across the borders.

Down with all armies, down with all states!

In Bogota or Gaza: same Power, same fight


Some activists of CNT-AIT France


In Spanish : ¡Contra la guerra civil global, necesitamos una revolución social en el mundo!

In German : Gegen den globalen Büger*krieg– für die soziale Revolution weltweit!

In Japanese : グルーバルな内戦に対抗するために、世界中で社会革命が必要だ!

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