[Iran] Demonstration of the medical students of Tabriz

December 22, 2020, Information sent by Iranian Anarchists compañeros

Tabriz (Iran), 2020-12-22, medical students : free education, no wall, no border

A group of students from Tabriz University of Medical Sciences came to the building of the university and protested against the problems of education during the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Anaj Press Agency, students studying on a paid basis also protested against the violation of their rights.

Dissatisfied students went to the conference hall at the insistence of the deputy head of the university for education, and they expressed their wishes to the deputy head of the university for education, adviser and security guards and made a number of suggestions to improve the situation with education at the university.

At the end of the talks, it was decided that a group of students on behalf of the participants of the meeting would discuss with the head of the university the implementation of the protesters’ proposals.

[Bangladesh] Distribution of washable masks to tea workers

September 18, 2020, BASF-AIT, https://www.bangladeshasf.org

Bangladesh Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation-BASF has started distribution of red and black washable face masks among poor tea plantation workers today, September 16, 2020 under the « Mutual Aid » program to prevent covid-19. Since the outbreak of Covid-19 from month of March in Bangladesh, the organization has been conducting health education to creating awareness among the people in all BASF branches, distributing ‘soap’ for washing hands and distributing face masks. Now it has started distributing ‘washable face masks’ that can be used several times instead of one time masks. At this stage it will be distributed among 3000 people. Later its number will be further increased and cover more people.

The BASF believes that health care initiative is a very useful and fundamental human right. It is not possible to solve it permanently in isolated approach. So it is necessary to build such a self-regulated, truly democratic, participatory society. All activities including health issues for the society will be managed and controlled by the society. Only a society free from the influence of capitalism and the stateism can solve all problems sustainably.]

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