Friday 4 November 2005

Yes, life in the popular suburbs are full of daily violence:

-  The violence of being refused a job even though you have all of the necessary diplomas, because of what your face looks like;

-  The violence of having to take one temporary job after another, slave labour paid with crumbs;

-  The violence of having already failed school before you have even attended your first class;

-  The violence being crammed into slums because there is a housing shortage;

-  The violence of living in a society where women are either pornographic whores or cloistered mothers;

-  The violence of daily police hazing;

-  The violence of a hypocritical society which offers no alternative to either seclusion or schizophrenia.

It is not the “youth” who are violent, but society itself. The media, the politicians, the pundits all say that we have to give young people structure. But what kind of structure? That of money and competition (and, thus, exclusion), the structure of might makes right?

These young people, they are our neighbours, our children, our sisters and our brothers. They are right to rebel, to refuse to continue to take it silently. Sure we can always discuss the methods, but we must not forget how the police manipulate and provoke things!

Revolt is what remains to those who have nothing. It is their dignity that refuses resignation !

But in order to not stay with no way out, once the pressure lessens, this rebellion should organize itself, give itself a structure. To first become a Resistance, for today the enemy is strong and powerful, and then ripen and become a Revolution. Because only a radical change in this society will be able to finally get rid of the injustices that have created our actual problems.

Interco Union, Paris North, CNT-AIT, November 6th 2005

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