التضامن مع الانتفاضة في السودان!



In December 2018,  under the banner of « peace, freedom, justice », a generalized popular uprising  exploded in Sudan  against the dictator Omar Al-Bashir who had been reigning his Islamist terror for 30 years long. After 4 months of continuous popular mobilization (blockades, riots, occupation of Al-Qyada square in the heart of Karthoum), the military overthrew Al Bashir in April 2019, establishing a Transitional Military Council, since renamed « Sovereignty Council », composed of soldiers and senior officials from the previous government as well as civilians representing the bourgeoisie.

This movement of the bourgeoisie to restore order and prevent any real revolution did not calm the demonstrators, who continued to demand that power be handed over entirely to civilians. Even the massacre of hundreds of demonstrators on June 3, 2019 in Al-Qyada Square did not calm the revolt of the Sudanese people, organized in neighborhood resistance committees.

On last October 25, 2021 , the masks fell: a military coup put an end to the farce of the civil-military « sovereignty council ».

Since the demonstrations continue and are repressed in blood with the most extreme brutality. On December 30, when a march on Karthoum was organized by the Resistance Committees, the police again fired into the crowd and chased the demonstrators through the streets with pick-ups equipped with machine guns. There are hundreds of injured and at least 4 dead, but many people are still missing.

The Sudanese anarchist companions participate in the movement against military power, in particular within Resistance Committees. They need our solidarity. Send messages to the Sudanese Embassy to denounce the military power and affirm your solidarity with the revolt in Sudan.

We are here, let’s spread the word !

Peace, justice, freedom!

# الشعب – شعب – أقوي# People is  stronger
# تسقط حكم العسكر# Down with the military regime
# تحيا الثورة# Long live the revolution
# لا تفاوض # Do not negotiate
# لا شراكة مع المجلس العسكرى# No partnership with the Military Council
# الشوارع وحدها لا تخون# Only the streets do not betray

Anarchists in solidarity and CNT-AIT (France)

Sudanese Embassy in UK

3 Cleveland Row, St. James’s, London SW1A 1DD

Phone : +44 20 7839 8080

Sudanese Embassy in US

2210 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington, DC 20008

(202) 338-8565