Books for the anarchist compañeros of Haïti!

In the summer of 2021, we launched a call for solidarity with young anarchists who were asking for books to set up a libertarian library in Haiti, the first in this country. Many people have responded positively by sending us books.

After more than a year of transport, despite the vicissitudes in a country where capitalist chaos reigns in all its savagery, our first package (35 books, 8 brochures) ended up arriving safely! Here is the sympathetic message sent to us by the companions of Haiti to inform us:

“Books for anarchist comrades in Haiti!

Thus resounded a call a few months ago. It sounded like an emergency. We needed books to inform and train us from an anarchist point of view. And compagnons (and compagnonnes no doubt) of the CNT-AIT of Montauban, Toulouse and Paris / Suburbs and others answered affirmatively to bring their respectable contribution. Without transition: Thank you. They make us happy and will undoubtedly make that of many others! These are the first stones of a greater work

We received the books the day before yesterday. Technical constraints [power and internet cuts […] prevented us from sharing this with you in time.

Courage to you in the struggles that you are currently waging on your side.

We keep in touch.


The anarchist compagnes and compagnons of Haiti”

After this first successful shipment, we are launching a call for a second book collection to expand the library already set up. We hope to be able to send a second package this summer.

Our companions are particularly looking for books by Bakunin, Rudolf Rocker, works on anarchosyndicalism, on libertarian Spain, the history of sabotage, etc. The books can be in French, Spanish or English. If you want to contribute by donating books, contact your nearest CNT-AIT union or send an email to:

You can also contribute financially by sending your donations by check payable to CNT-AIT, mention Solidarité Haïti on the back, to be sent to: CNT-AIT 7 rue St Rémésy 31000 TOULOUSE

Batay la kontinye! long live anachi!

International Anarchist Solidarity!

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