Solidarity with our comrades on strike at the bakery, La Conquête du pain in Montreuil!

Die Fehlende Klassenanalyse führt immer zu selben zuerst selbst- und dann fremdausbeuterischen Strukturen, wo die „ach-so-wichtigen-Projekte“ auf jeden Fall über die Verhinderung von ökonomischer Ausbeutung gestellt wird (gegen die man eigentlich einmal angetreten ist). Egal ob in der Bäckerei „Die Eroberung des Brotes“ in Frankreich, oder dem Gagarin in Wien. Auch in Montreuil wollen Chefs vom angeblich anarchistischen Kollektivbetrieb die reale Ausbeutung kleinreden und die derzeit Streikenden öffentlich diffamieren. Daher haben die im WAS organisierten (ehemaligen) Arbeiterinnen von der Bäckerei LeFirin, vom Gagarin und vom Tüwi folgende Solidaritätsnote verfasst, und an die GenossInnen in Frankreich geschickt:

„As workers of Le Firin (a commercial bakery), of Café Gagarin and of Tüwi (collective cafés) organized within the WAS-IAA, we deeply understand and empathize with the struggle of our comrades in Montreuil that we have got to know through our comrades from CNT-AIT.

We are fed up with “leftist” collectives, using the anarchist /autonomist flag only to cover up the ways in which supposedly anti-capitalist businesses reproduce exploitative and hierarchical structures. We are also fed up that our (allegedly) collectively run business paint themselves as working without hierarchies, when completely missing on the point of class analysis.

We are fed up with (mis)using militant ideologies to create an environment where self-exploitation is the norm and where a blind obedience to the hegemonic group leaves no space for criticism and for horrible working conditions.

If the collectives that run such co-ops end up in the hand of ‘managers’ there is no leftist ideology that holds up: they have failed their purpose. If such places are unable to put the needs and rights of the workers in front of business-as-usual or credibility within the scene they have failed. If the bosses-militants fail to address the needs of the workers who are integral part of the work they do, they fail to follow anti-capitalist practice, and in most context also fail to implement basic laws that workers established in decades of struggle. If they, on top of that, start to engage in union-busting activities, like publicly shame the workers, claiming that they don’t represent most workers or that the striking workers are newcomers and they don’t know how things are handled in the business, they have failed at keeping up with their core values of bottom up organizing.

We don’t want any more exploitation “in the name of the cause”. Our cause is supporting workers everywhere and our cause is better working conditions for all, not to feed the mouths of privileged, bougie, “militant” kids with our work. Our cause is fighting against structural exploitation in every place, even within alleged “leftist” businesses. We want paid over-hours, paid sick leave, paid holidays and to take decisions within our collectives. Not to be marginalized even more because we are depending on the job or because we are migrants!

From Vienna, we greet your struggle, and we are supportive of your strike.

Lavorare meno, lavorare tutt*!“

Wiener ArbeiterInnen-Syndikat

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