About « Comrade » Trotsky …

On the occasion of the remembrance of the assassination of Trotsky by the Stalinists 80 years ago, some shed crocodile tears over the (evil) genius of the Russian revolution.
We could recall his role in the repression of non-Bolshevik Russian revolutionaries after 17, in the crushing of the insurrectionary army in Ukraine (makhnovstchina), or even his vile attacks against the POUM and Andres Nin in 37 while the latter were in being tortured by Stalin’s henchmen in Barcelona.

But we do not forget either that in the Transition Program, written in 1938 and which still today is the Bible of every Trotskyist whatever his sect of affiliation, Trotsky calls for a fight to the death against the IWA (International Workers Association) , the anarchosyndicalist International recreated in 1922 :

The Fourth International declares uncompromising war on the Anarcho-syndicalist International

The Transitional Program, Trotsky, 1938


Companion anarchosyndicalist, when you meet a Trotskyist, you know what to expect. Prevention is better than cure, the best defense is attack …

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