ECUADOR : This is not over, it has only just begun.

These long days of mobilization have shown us that mutual support exists, and that the anarchist utopia is still alive, because for a few days the park of “El Arbolito” and its surroundings became that place, that place where the people defended itself, fed, cared for, cured and attended the people. Food, medicine and clothing arrived without stopping, while in the barricades the popular guard resisted the advances of the police and cleared any tear bomb that could affect the brothers who were inside the park.

By another side, many hands were still available to prepare the food that arrived, the food was never lacking, the bread was never lacking, in each corner someone offered you water, juice, fruit or a “tarrina” (tub) of food, while congratulating you and encouraging you to continue in the fight.

Long chains of people could be seen moving stones to build and supply the barricades, while at the shouting of « Medico ! » the brigade was attending to mobilize and assist the wounded comrades in battle.

Thus, each of us brought and contributed, on the battlefield, in the chain, in the shelter, in the kitchen, in the medical brigade, and in each of the places that allowed this mobilization to be possible.

We live the class struggle and we realized that there are parasites that only seek their own interest and that they do not mind killing or using all the force they have at their disposal (police and military) to maintain and defend their privileges. And so we understood that we do not need them, we understood that they are our enemies.

We also learned that never, but never, the police can be trusted, and that like the bourgeoisie they are our enemies and could never be people, they could never be as long as they wear uniforms and stand on the side of the tyrant.

But above all, we learned that popular mobilization does bring results, that organization and effort can change things, and that those at the top fear us, they fear us because they know what we are capable of, and now they will fear us even more because we too we know.

We remains careful and critical, because this is nothing more than a small sample of what we have left to achieve.

P.S. Thanks to all the “compas” (compagnons) who, from their trenches, fought with conviction and without rest, without decay and without sleep. Tonight we will rest and sleep deservedly, but tomorrow this continues, and we know that we will have the same conviction and courage with which we face this battle.

This is not over, this has only just begun.

Some anarchists from QUITO

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