CNT-AIT Spain : Solidarity with prisoners on hunger strike and with Antoine Nieto Galindo

Next Saturday, October 19, 2019, at 18h, the CNT-AIT Catalunya will organize on the Angels’ Plaza in Barcelona, ​​an informative and solidarity action with prisoners on hunger strike and with Antoine Nieto Galindo. Antoine, a social and anarchist rebel, is the oldest political prisoner in Europe (and perhaps the world oldest political prisoner, a sad record …) He has been imprisoned for more than 50 years for not having given in to the injustices of the penitentiary system. Although seriously ill, these same prison injustices prevent him from getting out of prison, thus not respecting even their proper bourgeoisie laws.

Antoine Nieto Galindo expropriated banks in the 70’s without having committed any blood crime. He is a former member of the Coordination of Prisoners in Struggle (COPEL) [which in the late 1970s led to many mutinies in post-Francoist Spanish prisons]. Aintoine is an irreducible fighter against a system that only punishes poverty. He suffered innumerable ill-treatment, torture and isolation from his jailers. In addition, he is also expected to be extradited to France at the end of his final sentence in Spain – in January 2020 – for two life sentences handed down in 1998 following a trialin France that he had not been allowed to attend. It is still time for us to stop this extradition and to obtain its immediate release, and to cry out to the four winds that the fight will continue until the demolition of these extermination centers named prisons.

The rotating hunger strike is the continuation of those conducted since 2018. It proposes a 14 basic points as a collective struggle plateform which, without losing sight of the final horizon : abolition of all prisons, would allow a minimal existence worthy of the people who had the misfortune of falling into the trap of this dehumanizing system, reproductive of poverty, that is the Penitentiary Institution.

The hunger strike is rotated every ten days, at the end of which other prisoners in another penitentiary geographical area will take over. This strike is intended for duration as long as possible. It is a proposal for combat that is a sign of the solidarity and firmness that spread like a wildfire among the group of rebel prisoners, in front of a system that seeks to cancel their rights and crush them brutally. Faced with this injustice, we join their clamor, like other social groups and libertarians who support the struggle from outside.

Come participate in all the actions and support actions organized!

For the 14 points and the abolition of prisons!

No to the extradition of Antoine Nieto Galindo!

Freedom for the prisoners who are fighting!


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