PARIS : inauguration of the garden Federica MONTSENY and Republican exorcism

Today, on August 24, 2019, the mayor of Paris, a member of the Socialist Party (the one of the non-intervention in Spain in 1936 and much more bullshit since …), The Minister of Justice of the Kingdom of Spain (put in place by the military rebellion led by Caudillo Franco) ), the Ambassador of the same Kingdom, the Montseny family (we cannot blame them), not forgetting the ineffable Aimable Marseillan (who arrived late) inaugurated the Parc « Federica Montseny » in Paris .

On the plaque that was unveiled we read « Federica Montseny: libertarian writer ». Surely the word « Anarchist » would have torn their eyes …

Federica didn’t like honors very much, especially Republicans … The best tribute paid to her that day was without a doubt the dozen of police vans and the police detachment that protected the bank window next to the ceremony . By chance that Federica’s ghost would come to join the ceremony ? Surely that the Power is still afraid of anarchists, even if they are dead and buried under honors, Power feels obligated to organize exorcism rituals to integrate these anarchists demons into the republican and democratic pantheon.

Fortunately, there were some voices to shout out loud to this petty Power’s people :

Neither monarchy nor republic, long live anarchy!

Federica presente !

a fellow of the CNT-AIT

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