This last Saturday, June 15, while we were right in the middle of a demonstration of “Yellow vest” in Paris, we had the good surprise and the joy of receiving a call from the lawyer of Ebru FIRAT, to inform us that Ebru had been released from the Turkish prisons (1). This is only a “day parole”, as Ebru will have to keep showing up at the Police station until the end of his sentence. However, it will allow her to consider a future perspective and will help her to start to rebuild herself. We are sincerely happy for her and her loved ones.

But we are not fooled by the intentions of the Turkish government: this conditional freedom will not make us forget all those, and especially the women, who continue to rot in the Erdogan’s bastilles –  Kurds or Turks, journalists, lawyers, students, workers, … – because they dare to rise up against the Islamic-conservative system, they dare to claim and live Freedom.

On Monday, June 17, 2 days after Ebru released, 35 activists from HDP – including 7 minors of age – were arbitrarily arrested.
Hundreds of prisoners have been fighting for months, sometimes risking their lives, to denounce the arbitrariness of their detention. We do not forget them !

The struggle continues to the complete and unconditional freedom of all prisoners, and beyond the liberation of the entire region from the curse of authoritarianism.

A special thanks to all those from all over the world (Norway, Germany, France, Poland, Spain, Philipines, Greece, UK, Russia, Ukraine, Tunisia, …) who sent messages and postcards of soldiarity !

« Freedom is a struggle that never ends …

I thank all those who have been with me for 33 months, and who have given me strength.
I believe and I know that humanity will be much more beautiful and stronger with support.

Ebru « 

FB: @ chats.noirs.turbulents

(1) To know more about the story of Ebru, you may refer to this article : Freedom for Ebru FIRAT !

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