Armed with gods and dollars, puffed up with arrogance for some, consumed with ambition for others, two megalomaniac clans clash with large armfuls of anonymous humans.

Some kill on a daily basis with air raids, organized looting of the planet, murderous blockades: 300,000 dead in the former Yugoslavia under the NATO bombs, 200,000 dead from lack of medicine in Iraq, 30 million deaths from HIV because US pharmaceutical companies do not want to let go of their commercial rights and their patents, 40,000 children who die of hunger or disease every day. It is a call to hatred, an invitation to barbarism.

The others, kinglets in petrodollars or dictators without an empire, drink from the despair of the oppressed, from their misery, from their suffering, and fabricate murderous troops by promising the eternal mirage of a paradise populated by the dead.

Capitalism or religion are two sides of the same domination, through exploitation, submission and terror. The thousands of American dead respond to the millions of dead on the planet for false stories of gods and true dollar stories.

The carnage of September 11 reminds us that no warlike or deadly technology can match desperation. No power, however modern and civilized, can deny the life of men without dying in its turn.

The champions of the world market have forgotten that human beings, whether they starve or force-feed them, whether they buy or sell them, human beings cannot live without dignity and without hope.

CNT / AIT – International Workers Association
Thursday 13 September 2001

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